Virgos and scorpios dating

Once that is figured out, you have this other trait of making comments.I know you have an excellent sense of humor and most of your comments are absolutely spot on, but to tell you the truth, these critiques don’t have a lot many friends.

Leo: Leos turn the charm up to 11 when they have a crush on someone, showering them with flattery and compliments.So no doubt you are appreciated by your friends – who does not like to be taken care of?So the message is simple – don’t think that when it comes to your problems, you can take care of them on your own; involve others in your life just as you involve yourselves in others.The thing is that when you are busy making life better for your friend, you miss out on him – the person.People say friendship is all about being there for the other person when he needs you most, but if you have spent absolutely no time with the other person, there is no concept of friend, and with friend there is no friendship.Everyone gets crushes all the time, but the way we act on them (or not) varies widely from person to person.


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