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There are a number of different things you can do and small changes you can make to improve your metrics and overall accounts receivable performance, such as: Previously, in part 1 of this blog series 5 Accounts Receivable Management Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) we covered 1. In part 1 of this blog series we covered the following topics: 1. Average Days Delinquent (ADD) In this article we will cover: 3. The resulting percentage allows the company to gauge how strong their current collections policies and procedures are and whether or not changes need to be made.

CEI= (Beginning receivables Monthly credit sales – Ending total receivables) / (Beginning receivables Monthly credit sales – Ending current receivables) x 100 The closer the resulting percent is to 100% the stronger your collections processes and policies are.

"We've seen, in recruitment efforts [of ED physicians], a dramatic increase of enlisting and promoting an EHR system at hospitals," Dr. "Certainly, having the tools to provide top-level care to their patients is what attracts physicians to a given hospital," Dr. As new graduates come out, they're being trained on it.A low or dropping percentage means it is time to re-evaluate your policies on selling on credit and the processes your collectors are following.If you find it is time to reevaluate your policies and procedures, download this guide to developing policy and procedure manuals that will get your CEI percentages to where they need to be.It's understandable, since the federal government is providing stimulus payments to hospitals and the ambulatory settings for providers implementing a certified EHR as quickly as possible.Eligible professionals that show meaningful use of an EHR by this year may receive the first of three reimbursement payments totaling ,000 total through 2014, but those incentive payments will turn into penalty payments as of 2015. "As a patient moves from one location in the healthcare continuum to another, we have another way to track patient information across the continuum of care."Bob Hitchcock, MD, emergency department physician at Manatee Memorial Hospital and Lakewood Ranch Medical Center in Bradenton, Fla., adds that hospitals with certified, efficient EHRs are also doing themselves a favor in the recruitment of physicians. They will interact with that technology every day with every patient, and technology can be as big of a deterrent as it is an attraction."2. When it comes to surgical technologies within a hospital, the administration needs to work in conjunction with its physicians and nurses to determine the best strategy.During part of the 19th century, the building of the Pennsylvania Canal and later the Pennsylvania Railroad allowed Harrisburg to become one of the most industrialized cities in the Northeastern United States. In the mid-to-late 20th century, the city's economic fortunes fluctuated with its major industries consisting of government, heavy manufacturing including the production of steel, agriculture (the greater Harrisburg area is at the heart of the fertile Pennsylvania Dutch Country), and food services (nearby Hershey is home of the chocolate maker, located just 10 miles (16 km) east of Harrisburg).


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