Trina and plies dating

star on her Twitter account after Khloe was spotted with NBA star James Harden last Saturday, July 4.

The reality TV star was seen with the Houston Rockets player enjoying a meal together at Red 8 restaurant in the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas.

Trina posed for pictures with fans while waiting to hug and greet James following the game. “I came in the game in the era when Eve came in the game. Being an artist myself, being independent is more prominent to me than being on a major label. During her conversation with Steve Lobel, Trina reflected on her relationship with Eve, whom she worked with on the Philadelphia emcee’s 2001 offering, “Gangster Bitches” featuring Da Brat, as well as Ludacris’ 2010 “My Chick Bad Remix.”“Love Eve,” Trina said. In the state of music in which we are, there are not a lot of major deals like that anymore. I do legitimate business at all times, instead of crying to the internet or think your stopping my business you need to contact me like the so called "Man" you are.I have never done anything kind of credit business in the state of Atlanta so I ask who are you and why are you trying to bash my name? I think that’s really important for females because we’re really emotional. I think as a female you have to have that tough; that passion; that hard boy kind of attitude in order to make it in this game.” debuted at #14 on the Billboard Top 200 in 2002. She’s somebody that’s a friend in the industry, especially when it comes to females. There are so many people that are working to push the record.


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