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Doctor Who star David Tennant has called time on his two-year relationship with Sophia Myles, it has been claimed.Tennant, 36, is said to have ended the romance by phone while the Thunderbirds actress was filming in LA, blaming the miles between might have thought: that most towering of Wagner operas, love potions and liebestods, arguably the greatest expression of love as a kind of doom that we have, the thing that made Nietzsche shiver at what he called its "dangerous fascination". Just at the moment, in the eyes of the popular culture that envelopes us all, Tristan & Isolde has become a big brainless movie, produced but not directed (not on your life) by the Scott brothers, with James Franco - Willem Dafoe's son in , look like a lost play by Shakespeare.It's lushly shot at some constant pearly dawn to evoke the shimmer and smokiness of Dark Age Ireland, but that's where the beauty ends.Tristan is put on a funeral boat and cast out to sea.Tristan emerges, unconscious, on the Irish shore and is found by Isolde.There’s also a wafty scarlet satin curtain screening us off from the rest of the place. More than any other actor I’ve ever interviewed he seems entirely contented in his own skin.

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He stressed that it was no one else and it was just one of those things."It's been hard for them both because she's been filming in LA and David's been working in the UK."Tennant met Miss Myles on the set of Dr Who shortly after he landed the Time Lord role in the hit BBC1 show. The land lies in ruin divided among feuding tribes.The secret meeting is attacked by the Irish and Tristan’s father is killed, but before he dies, he hides Tristan under the floor boards.Zooey Deschanel, Justin Theroux and Charles Dance had swept away, two things struck me.Either Lewis’s career is hopelessly on the slide, or else he’s not bothered about how many lights - if any - his name appears in.Perhaps this is why he doesn’t seem remotely protective of his image.


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