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changeset: 38841:c4c2ae5f2cfd date: 2013-10-25 0200 user: Nicky summary: Move tip back to default.

changeset: 388658bd1858a date: 2013-10-26 0200 user: Nicky summary: And there's a brand new, second place for version numbering. changeset: 38843:ec5f902c78a7 date: 2013-10-26 0200 user: Ansariel summary: FIRE-11801: Buttons in “Picks” panel in profile overlap changeset: 38844:7cdb6cd7572c date: 2013-10-26 0200 user: Nicky summary: Merge.

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Because it is account specific file a trouble ticket using the problem account at Second Life Notifier doesn't merely display a list of online friends.By extracting the information from the Second Life website, it can maintain its own list of who's online, providing the ability to alert you when one of your friend gets online or offline.You can read the Jira report about the bug here Work Around In the meantime, there is a work around.First, you must open the “Web” profile of the person you wish to change permissions for.Furthermore, the Havok libraries are not currently available for 64-bit platforms.


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