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However, if you take a closer look at their personality, you will realize that this intimidating image of strong women you hold is just an illusion from a lack of understanding.

Here are six traits about strong women to help you understand them better. Strong women just don’t let their fears and doubts hold them back. It’s not that strong women are arrogant or want to be in the center of attraction, it’s their confidence that naturally attracts attention to them.

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Nor has Clinton been asked whether she spearheaded the so-called "nuts and sluts" strategy to silence and intimidate women who alleged affairs with or sexual abuse by Bill Clinton. Justice Department, runs Freedom Watch, a government watchdog group.

That does not make me shallow.” Number 4: “People always think that I am dumb and vacuous.

You cannot look like me, and survive in this world, especially this town, by being vacuous.” Number 5: “People have no empathy for me. She has never suffered a day in her life.’ I was devastated by that comment.” Number 6: “I cannot wear normal clothes because everything looks too sexy on me.

If they need support from you (which they will), they will ask for it.

Support them in areas which they are weaker and remember that their independence is positive.


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