Is emily haines dating james shaw

Metric guitarist Jimmy Shaw sits sipping some mineral water, a fedora perched on his head; vocalist and synth player Emily Haines folds herself neatly into a nearby chair.They are a lovely pair, in an angular way, sharp corners and velvety shadow.

But then she smiled, and we discussed the way it weirdly all gets better as you evolve beyond the nubile but aimless post-adolescent decade of your 20s and into the self-assured sexiness that is your 30s.

” Emily Haines, frontwoman and indie-rock glamour girl exclaimed a few minutes after we met. It’s been almost exactly three years since their last record Fantasies, which propelled the quartet from rock critic and super-fan favorite to mainstream contenders.

“That’s my man,” she said, sighing and gazing at him wistfully. ” "The signature Metric idea is that the sweet spot in music and in life comes from luxuriating in the battle and then celebrating fiercely when you win." We were all tucked away downstairs at New York’s favorite exclusive rock bar, The Cabin, attending the listening session for the Canadian band’s new album, .

I was working as a cheesemonger, learning to cut 60 kilo wheels of parmesan with a bare wire and surreptitiously drinking behind the counter. That spring, we spent every lunch hour at his apartment, reeking of cheese and on the verge of tears, listening to Live It Out over and over again.

I tell them how I cried to "Monster Hospital," how it was a hard transformation that left me uglier and lonelier for it. Living day in, day out with Metric, hearing directly how the music coaxed someone through a difficult, chrysalis period seems to confirm that the magic is working.


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