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He began making dinnerware and toilet seats, but soon found that institutional ware such as bedpans, chamber pots and pitchers was more profitable.

Robert Hall died just a year after launching the company.

After tepid sales of its new housewares lines in the 1910s, the company tried designing and selling decorated teapots.

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The company purchased nearby New Castle Pottery and then relocated to its plant and headquarters.

There is no evidence that the people who made these dishes suffered any ill effects from exposure to the glazes, so you probably don't have a lot to worry about by just being around the dishes.

For quite some time, the rumor has been circulating that dinnerware made with red (which is really more reddish-orange in color than true red) glaze is unsafe to use for food service.

The dishes are highly collectible, both because of their vivid colors (and because the radioactivity is cool.) But is it really safe to eat off these dishes or are they best thought of as decorative pieces to be admired from afar?

Here's a look at just how radioactive the dishes are today and the risks of using them for serving food.


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