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See also got an invitation to join, but his words were full doubts and he wasn't sure if he should accept this invitation. Several years ago he had a negative experience and was afraid to get it repeated. One day he tried quick search that showed that the photos of these girl were placed on many other marriage agencies and dating sites like or russian-dating. A month ago David made one more attempt to meet a girl and started to write to russian women on

He got aqcuainted with a nice girl who had really beautiful professional pictures in her profile and David really liked her. Luckily David wrote to me and reported this crap to me promptly, so I could explain him that this is just an id of a support center employee who supervises communication of each girl on

Interests and hobbies I like being outdoors that's why it's jogging, camping and extreme kinds of sport. It makes adrenaline rush through my veins and forget about everything.

Most of all I would like him to be faithful and truthful.

But like all people, I dream about love, that is why I decided to take a chance and to try to find my soulmate here.

Comments: I need a man who is not afraid of showing his feelings and emotions.

And more important, you get a comfortable car and a safe driver (Aleks) who is fluent in English, can carry on an interesting conversation and is willingly offers good information about Ukraine and good advice about the women of Poltava.

These can be provincial cities where the standard of living is lower and, say critics, 'our women maybe more likely to fall for a foreigner, however unsuitable he may be'.

It is a beautiful city full of friendly people, fun things to do and the most beautiful women in the world.

And if you go to Poltava I recommend Poltava Travel.

Maybe these words sound banal, but it is the truth. It seems to me that nothing in the whole world cannot replace the coziness of family.

I enjoy spending time in a circle of my loved ones.


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