Dating the gospel of matthew

The earliest Christian communities looked upon the books of the Old Testament as Sacred Scripture, and read them at their religious assemblies.

That the Gospels, which contained the words of Christ and the narrative of His life, soon enjoyed the same authority as the Old Testament, is made clear by Hegesippus (Eusebius, IV.22.3), who tells us that in every city the Christians were faithful to the teachings of the law, the prophets, and the Lord.

At the next stop, the cheering crowd looked for King Albert but couldn't find him.

Comparable manuscripts are adduced and examined which lead to the conclusion that the later date is to be preferred. Introduction This article is a response to the arguments of Carsten Peter Thiede which were republished in the previous issue of Tyndale Bulletin. In 1919 King Albert of Belgium was traveling across the United States by train.He was something of an authority on locomotives, so for a ten-mile stretch he dressed as an engineer and ran the train.The Gospel of Mark was written by John Mark, a young assistant to Simon Peter.Mark was a personal friend and travel companion of Luke (the author of the Gospel of Luke), and a member of Paul's evangelistic team during Paul's First Missionary Journey.The "laymen's scholar" is also concerned about scholarly matters.


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