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Kudos, A big applause and a standing ovation to the crew, writers and especially to the director of this series! Standing Ovation to Writer & Director of this outstanding storytelling drama of poor & rich authority. Some of the scams are difficult to believe that someone would fall for them. It would be awesome to see another drama produced by the same writer and director :) There was an actor in the original commercials for the show. There are so many reason to watch this drama especially Seo In Guk is one of the stars! I love this drama, the storyline, friendship and brotherhood between Baek sung-il and Yang Jung-do is so nice, Seo in-Guk is the best, I like the way he acts so cool in stressful situations, he is doing great Excuse my language: this is one hail of a drama. Great drama and plot :) The casts is also wonderful. Sun Bin and seo in guk was at law of jungle at mongolia right? They have good chemistry at lot J Best Actor for Seo In Guk.... copying from show in america story about revenge and the mini series tv show in america the title is LEVERAGE...make season 2 in 38 task force alike this show...very awessssommmmeeee.....pllllllssssssssssss........ and sad to see that people treasure Moonlovers,moomlight drawn,amnother oh haeyong, thek2 e.t.c. It makes you trust the words of a con artist, makes you totally forget that fact and be fooled together with Sung Il OMG I can´t take it. (but ohhhhhhh how I love this drama..can I love something that is conning me? If you want to watch a drama that utilizes the amazing talents of Korean character actors then this is like opening up a box of candy. First, its definitely because of uri namja SEO IN GUK I watch this drama... I think the actor youre referring to is the one from Hide Identity. I am really enjoying ups & downs chaos within this drama. Since I watched the trailer of this drama I already excited to watched the full episode, and then I spend my time for every episode, and its really awesome, seo in guk is really good even he's not the main character he delivered his role very well.. this drama drives me crazy, it puts my mind to sleep and then smacks me over the head for being gullible. But apart from that this drama definitely a must see.After two days of shooting tons of pictures (you can have a glimpse here), and wanting more than take-offs and landings at the base, I was looking for some more action.My plan was to go and see and hear the aerial war in the high desert of Nevada, the natural habitat of these metal birds. Highway (also known as US 375), one can see the vastness of the USAF playground.So here I am, on this clear Nevada weather morning, sitting on top of Coyote Summit, a 200 ft hill at the “gate” of the Range (aka the NTTR), and waiting.This particular place is very well-known among spotters and by noon, we’re 5 people there, chatting about aviation, and catching in a hurry our cameras at every engine sound we hear above the wind.

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Marine Corps - Wikipedia" /United States Marine Corps - Wikipedia I usually just smile and nod, but I know all they see is the flying standby for free.The place is known as Coyote Summit and is a two hours drive from Sin City, heading north. On the left, there’s a trail leading to Area 51, invisible behind a small ridge.Thirty miles ahead is Rachel, and my plan is to stop at a small gap, up the road where most of the Blue players (Blue air are the participant units of Red Flag, while Red air with their Aggressor F-16s simulate the enemy) should fly by, low or high.It isn’t always this bad, but coming back from Hawaii had us spend the night in the San Francisco airport.The United States Marine Corps USMC, also known as the United States Marines, is a branch. After this drama he also has his own drama as lead role. While the lead here is also a con artist, but his after those who's avoiding paying large taxes.... It's unfortunate, because I have deep respect for the actors they've chosen, for example Sooyoung from "The Spring Day of My Life".


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